Couplings for air brake systems brands DIAMON AUTOMOTIVE has been designed and made based on rigorous guidelines standards DIN 74324, DIN 73378, SAE J2494-3, ISO 7628. Construction of pneumatic coupling, guarantee tight connection with pneumatic tubes which has been made in accordance with standards DIN 74324, DIN 73387 or ISO 7628. This fact has been confirmed by independent tests carried out by Industrial Automotive Institute (in Polish called PIMOT). Range of working temperature for DIAMON couplings are from -40oC to +180oC, working preasure 8 bar.

Additionaly in our offer you can find poliamide tubes "TECALAN" (PA12, PA11), known European producers.

We invite you to acquaint with our offer for couplings and tubes for air brake systems (pneumatic systems).


Our constructors have at their disposal three design stations with CAD software - SolidWorks, which incorporates and supports all aspects of the product development process. 3D design allows the designer to quickly move a new idea in an excellent product. With the tool to simulate in realistic conditions, we can eliminate errors at the design stage.

Using 3D printing technology we can materialize the project CAD-3D, its allows designers to watch, and make functional tests designed details.

Measurement laboratory

In our measurement laboratory we measure not only accuracy of execution details, components supplied by cooperating companies, but above all we are able to see how our products behave in natural environment (working environment) and even significantly transcend outside weather conditions occurring in Europe.

In the climatic chamber we can check functioning (tightness) pneumatic couplings in temperature from -70oC to +160oC, and using a device for the measurement of air leakage, we are able to notice the leak unnoticed by the human eye.

Vibration system which our measurement laboratory have, allows to simulate vibrations which occur in the realistic conditions of use pneumatic couplings. In the same time we can register air leakage.

CNC machining

Turning CNC machines which DIAMON AUTOMOTIVE company use, guarantee the accuracy and repeatability of manufactured fittings. Trained staff of operators and constant supervision of production, machinery and equipment, make the production process is stable and balanced.


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Camozzi Automation company has implemented and has certified Quality Management System in scope of production and sale of fittings and tubes for air braking systems, for compliance with standard PN-EN ISO 9001:2015-10.
The last supervision audit took place on 17/01/2019 y.

Offered by DIANON AUTOMOTIVEcompany his own pneumatic couplings have been tested in Industrial Automotive Institute (in Polish called PIMOT), this fact are confirmed by certificate nr Z/CW/3/18 of 01/02/2018 y. (date of expiration: 31/01/2021 y.), giving the right to mark couplings safety sign B and mark of conformity PIMOT.

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