M10x122 Nm±10%
M12x1,524 Nm±10%
M14x1,530 Nm±10%
M16x1,535 Nm±10%
M18x1,536 Nm±10%
M22x1,540 Nm±10%
M26x1,545 Nm±10%
TAB. 1

Proper installation of the tube is done by inserting the tube into the connector by following the rotation of the tube around its own axis. Proper seating of the tube is confirmed by an audible sound "CLICK".

The maximum angle of tube bending.

Depth of insertion tube in DIAMON connector.

Diameter of tube (ø)Depth (H) [mm]

Tube disassembling

Exist possibility to disassembling tube from connector, only if you use special tool. To do this, put a device for removing on the tube (Steps 1-2).
In next step put removing tools into connector (Step 3) and performing the rotation around the axis of the tube remove the tube from the connector (Step 4). At te end remove tools from connector (Step 5).
This way of disassembling protect connector against damage and guarantee the proper functioning of connector after again assembling.